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  • Free Shipping In USA / 2-Day Shipping Available

About Us

Flyminator, Based in Pomona California. 

We like to keep up with the times and seek out new technology to replace traditional, outdated or old-fashion materials and methods. We select devices to make life easier and more enjoyable, purchasing soothing lighting, bluetooth speakers, or smart appliances to fill the need. At Flyminator, we believe eliminating annoying insects from your home or office should be no different.

Flyminator was founded in 2016 by a licensed registered which defines us as the industry leader. With an innovative and ergonomic design, this must-have electronic lamp simplifies your life and is the most effective bug zapper and fruit fly killer in the market. 

We're 100 percent committed to helping customers find quality products at an affordable rate. Our customer care team is here to help, whether it is to place an order or answer any questions. In addition, to help customers find what they need. 

The company has served over 2 million customers. Our mission is to provide consumers with quality products, absolute customer satisfaction, low prices, and personal attention to each order to gain the trust of our customers. 

Thank you for meeting The Flyminator Team.