" ... Absolutely a game-changer! Flyminator Electric Swatter has made our backyard BBQs and garden time so much more enjoyable - no more flies or mosquitoes, just peace and comfort."
- Gary Becker, USA
Flyminator™ Electric Swatter
Unleash the Power of Flyminator - Your Ultimate Defender Against Pesky Pests!
100% Guaranteed
  • Efficient: Swiftly zap all pesky pests
  • Eco-friendly: Non-toxic and safe
  • Durable: One-time investment, lifetime peace
  • User-friendly: Mess-free and stylishly sleek
Unleash the Ultimate Weapon Against Pesky Pests: The Flyminator Electric Swatter Killer!
Say Goodbye to Flies and Mosquitoes - Once and For All
Tired of swatting aimlessly at buzzing flies and scratching relentless mosquito bites? Fed up with chemical sprays that choke more than they deter pests? We feel your frustration. That’s why we created the Flyminator Electric Swatter Killer - the ultimate bug-busting solution!

Our Flyminator isn’t just an electric swatter, it’s your personal, hand-held pest control powerhouse

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5 Based on 1,000+ Customers

No More Misses:

With its wide grid and rapid zap, no fly or mosquito can escape its reach. Your BBQs, garden time, and peaceful nights are about to become a lot more comfortable.

Health & Eco-Friendly:

Free from harmful chemicals, the Flyminator is safe for your family, pets, and the environment. No more sprays, no more toxic fumes, just efficient zapping that keeps your home pest-free.

One-time Investment, Lifetime Peace:

Made with durable materials, it's a one-time investment that delivers continuous, reliable performance.

Easy and Clean

ay goodbye to messy squashing and unsightly traps. Using Flyminator is as easy as swing, zap, and done!

Take Back Control of Your Home
Isn't it time to take control and restore peace in your home? Get your Flyminator Electric Swatter Killer now, and let the fly and mosquito-free days begin! Your family, your pets, and your sanity will thank you! Remember, when it comes to pests, you're the boss. And with Flyminator, you have the power in your hands!
Take Back Control of Your Home
Just imagine enjoying your evenings without the buzzing of mosquitoes, or preparing meals without fruit flies buzzing around. Better yet, imagine knowing your family, pets, and the environment are all safe from harmful toxins. With the Flyminator UV Insect Killer Lamp, this can be your reality. Moreover, this device is not just a pest trap, it's also an elegant addition to your home decor. And you can forget about the hassle of maintenance – set it up once, and it quietly gets the job done
Are you ready to enjoy a peaceful, bug-free home?
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Dare to Risk Your Family's Health? Mosquitoes Are More Dangerous Than You Think!
It's easy to dismiss mosquitoes and other flying pests as mere nuisances. But did you know these tiny invaders pose serious health threats? Mosquitoes, for example, are known carriers of dangerous diseases like Zika, Dengue, and West Nile Virus. They don't just steal your peace - they endanger your and your family's health, too. Fruit flies and gnats, while not typically disease-carriers, can contaminate food and spread bacteria around your home. Don't underestimate these small foes - arm your household with the Flyminator UV Insect Killer Lamp today. It's not just about comfort, it's about safeguarding your loved ones' health.
Our Commitment Is With You!
Do yourself a favor and take away the stress you and your family members have been dealing with. There is nothing better to be at home or business in complete peace and not having to worry about insects or harmful diseases. Give the Flyminator a try and feel the relief.
How does the Flyminator Electric Swatter Killer work?
The Flyminator works by emitting a high-voltage electric current when a fly or mosquito comes into contact with its grid. The pests are instantly killed upon contact, providing an immediate solution to your pest problem.
Is the device safe to use around children and pets?
Absolutely! The Flyminator is designed with safety in mind. The outer layer of the grid is safe to touch and will not harm children, adults, or pets. However, as with any product, we recommend keeping it out of reach of very young children.
How is the Flyminator more eco-friendly than other pest control options?
The Flyminator doesn't use any chemicals or toxins to kill pests, making it a much more environmentally friendly option. Plus, unlike disposable traps or continual purchases of sprays, the Flyminator is a one-time purchase that lasts for years.
How do I clean the Flyminator?
Cleaning the Flyminator is easy! Just switch off the device and gently brush off the grid with a small cleaning brush (included in the package). There's no mess or fuss involved.
How long does the battery last on the Flyminator?
A fully charged Flyminator can last for up to "YOUR INFORMATION HERE" hours. This can vary depending on usage.
How large of an area can the Flyminator cover?
One Flyminator device is designed to cover an area of approximately 30 square meters. For larger spaces, consider using more than one device.
How do I charge the Flyminator?
You can charge the Flyminator using the included USB cable.
What if the device doesn't work as expected?
We stand by the quality of our products. If you're not satisfied with the performance of the Flyminator, please contact our customer service for assistance at support@flyminator.com. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.